Artillery Street, 1946

This photograph shows Artillery Street in Brighton on 29 June 1947. The road and its surrounding buildings were demolished in the late 1950s and the land eventually re-used as part of the Churchill Square shopping centre.

Proud of its past

Artillery Street took its name from the nearby West Battery. This gun emplacement had been built in 1793 during the Revolutionary Wars with France.

The battery had been demolished in 1858 but almost 90 years later it was still celebrated by one business in this street.

Can you spot which one?

Zoom in on  the left hand side of the street and look just below the chimney. There you will see the decorative relief of a mounted cannon.

This building was a brewery owned by Tamplins. This Brighton-based brewer managed several breweries and pubs throughout the town, including the Lord Nelson pub a few doors down this road.

Although Artillery Street has long been demolished, a trace of the battery remains in the name of nearby Cannon Place to the south of Churchill Square.

Author: Kevin Bacon, Digital Manager

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