A Stiff Breeze on the Parade, 1870

This print is taken from a newspaper published in 1870. It depicts a windy scene on the promenade at Brighton.

Force of nature

Think of ‘Brighton beach’ and your mind might immediately conjure up images of sunshine, warmth and relaxation. But as with any coastal spot, Brighton seafront is frequently windy.

The ‘stiff breeze’ in this picture is a more disruptive presence than the title suggests. Hats and umbrellas are blown away, few people can stand straight, and the women struggle to keep their dresses in place.

The picture also depicts the classic British phenomenon of people enjoying a day out regardless of the weather. In spite of the mayhem caused by the wind, a mother and child can be seen sitting on the beach with a bucket, as if it were a calm and sunny day.

Kevin Bacon, Digital Manager

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