‘With best wishes for a merry Christmas’

If you can’t find that perfect gift, money is a common alternative. Yet this Christmas card goes out of its way to emphasise that cash gifts are worthless.

First, it teases the eye by looking like a wallet that is so full of notes and coins that the money is tumbling out. It’s a clever piece of visual trickery but bound to disappoint.

Second, the message on the card is a rather high minded lecture on the illusory value of money:

Who steals my purse steals trash”,

Things are not always what they seem,

Yet I’m as rich as misers are,

Whose wealth is but

An empty dream

Even if you agree with the sentiment, it feels a bit ill-timed during a season associated with generosity. It’s a little like promising a child a Playstation 5 and then giving them a tangerine on Christmas morning by way of a moral lesson.

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