Women cricketers, early 1900s

This photograph shows a group of female school pupils. The caps and bats suggest they have recently won a cricket trophy.

Which school?

Women’s cricket clubs have existed since the 1880s, and it was clearly encouraged at this school.

Although we believe the school to be in Brighton, we are unable to identify which one these students belonged to.

Can you help? Please leave a comment below if you can help identify the school.

Update 5 June 2020: Milly Westbrook has successfully identified the uniforms as belonging to Roedean School. See the comments below for more details.


  1. If these women are students of a school, they all seem to be aged over 16, maybe 18 years old. In the early 1900s, ‘normal’ school leaving age was probably 14, perhaps for many girls 12 y/o. This suggests very well-heeled young women who would have been at a ‘posh’ school. The central badges look as if there is an ‘R’ in the contortion (though it is not clearly so). If it is actually a local school team rather than a club, only one school comes to mind. Is the eleventh member of the side taking the photo?

    1. Thanks, Gavin.

      I was wondering if it was Roedean School, but I am not aware that they have ever used that particular insignia.

      As you suggest, it may be an amateur club rather than a school.


    2. Hi,

      This is definitely Roedean wearing their distinctive Djibbah, I have just finished writing a dissertation about it!

      Thank you,
      Milly Westbrook

      1. Mystery solved!

        Many thanks, Milly. I’ll get this updated in our collection records.



      2. Hi Milly

        have you been in contact with the archivist at Roedean? I am an Old Roedeanian and would be happy to help if I can…

  2. These look very much like the Roedean School distinctive Djibbah (North African-inspired) uniforms of the early 20th century. A BA Fashion and Dress History student, Milly Westbrook, produced her 2020 dissertation on these uniforms and may be able to confirm.
    Dr Annebella Pollen, University of Brighton

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