‘Slow but sure’, postcard c1910

This postcard was published in about 1910. Entitled ‘Slow but sure’ it shows two oxen on a farm in Falmer.

‘Thou art not the fashion of these times’

This postcard may present a simple image of rural life, but the quote from Shakespeare suggests that it is more of a lament for a disappearing world.

With the invention of flight and the growing popularity of motor cars, the late Edwardian period was a time of enormous technological change. Everything seemed to become more powerful and faster.

Even the postcard itself was a piece of Edwardian technology. Cheap and supported by an astonishingly efficient mail service, it was possible at this time to send a postcard in Brighton in the morning and for it to arrive in London later that day.

Charming as these oxen may be, they clearly wouldn’t have been much help in delivering the postcard that depicts them.


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