Royal Pavilion Banqueting Room, 1826

This is a page from a book of views of the Royal Pavilion, showing the Banqueting Room. It was published in 1826 by John Nash, the architect who remodelled the Pavilion into the form we see today.

A picture speaks a thousand words?

Once the book is open most of the pages are laid out in the same format. A line drawing can be seen on the left (or top), with a coloured version on the right (or bottom).

But while there are two images for each view, barely a word can be found in the whole book.

This is because the book was expensive to produce and Nash did not want to give a copy to the British Library. By law, all publishers were obliged to provide the British Library with a copy of every book they produced; by removing the words, Nash could claim this was not actually a book.

You can find out more about Nash’s views of the Royal Pavilion on our main website.


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