Iris Garden at Horikiri, 1852 (second look)

We previously took a Close Look at the women depicted in this Japanese woodcut by Utagawa Hiroshige. In this Close Look we’ll focus on some of the marks that can seen.

Who is making their mark?

Artist’s signature

This means Hiroshige Ga: ‘Hiroshige made this’.

Publisher mark

This mark appears in two places on the print. It identifies the publisher: Fujiokaya Keijirō.

Censor seals

These two seals show that the government had approved this print for publication.

The censors for this set of prints were Murata Heiemon and Kinugasa Fusajiro.

Date stamp

The date is marked on all three sheets.

It is written in the traditional zodiac calendar form, noting the year of the Rat and the character for 4. Using this and the censor seals, the print can be accurately dated to 1852.

Author: Fiona Story, Creative Programme Officer

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