Florodora, c1900

This programme was produced to promote a play at the Theatre Royal in Brighton. Florodora was a popular Edwardian musical comedy that toured extensively in the UK and the US.

Who, what, where?

Although it was hugely successful in its day, Florodora is now little remembered. But this programme, cleverly shaped to give the appearance of a woman emerging from a flower filled hamper, would have been recognised by theatregoers.

Can you hazard a guess about what a ‘Florodora’ might be?

According to the Guide to Musical Theatre, it is a fictional flower from an island in the Philippines. The plot revolves around ownership of the ‘Florodora’ company which makes a fragrance from this flower.

We’d be interested to know whether anyone has actually seen this play performed.


  1. Hi, I guess that you already know that when opening in London on 11 November 1899 at the Lyric Theatre, London, the show starred Evie Greene, Willie Edouin and Ada Reeve, and that Willie Edouin (John Frederick Bryer) birth was registered in 1846 at Brighton.

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